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A unique supper with traditional and modern Filipino dishes highlighting the diverse influences of Amboy's cuisine. Select the date/s you wish to purchase by clicking the drop down menu with the corrsponding theme.


Soju is hosting this and the Supper event starts at 5:30 pm until 8:30 pm, service will vary slightly depending on guest arrival of each event. Ticket is a prixe fix (set) menu that includes typical and modern Filipino fare with complimentary drink and dessert. The menu will have staple dishes and some that will rotate to preview the upcoming menu at the brick-and-mortar space that is currently under construction. Please be advised that each event will have a theme in rotation that is focused on one protein (beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian, fish and seafoods), each event will specify which. Each event will have limited seating and tickets can be purchased only for the specific date.


Due to the nature of this event, dietary preferences cannot be accommodated, and no substitutions will be offered. You may inquire about specific ingredients/allergens which may be singled out but cannot be guaranteed, it is advised that you adjust accordingly if you can tolerate or take medication as necessary. Condiments and seasoning, like fish sauce, is used broadly in some aspects of the meal but doesn't affect the integrity of the theme; please inform us if we can accomodate your preference on this ingredient.


Entry can be transferred to any person only for the specific date and must be approved to be eligible (inform us at least a week before the date of the event or at a reasonable situation). All purchases are final and no reimbursements unless the event is cancelled.

Sunday Filipino Supper

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